December 12, 2019

Dec 11, 2019 Kralendijk, Bonaire

We slowly cruise through the night. I'm sure we made a few circles just to eat up the time we need to be at sea before we can dock in Kralendijk. The seas have lingering 4 or 5 foot swells from the higher seas earlier.

The weather is basically the same with a slightly higher chance of showers today. One lasts for about 10 minutes as many passengers are waiting for excursions.

I elect to stay on the ship today. Many of the crew are engaged in various safety drills in the morning. The Suite Concierge, Rafael Soares, is very excited as he is being trained to drive a life boat.

An Azamara ship is docked behind us. Azamara is another of Royal's brands that is more upscale and offers all inclusive sailings. There are few ships in the Azamara fleet and I don't see one often.  My guess is that the ship holds only two or three hundred passengers at most.

Bonaire is known for its diving, shopping opportunities are limited. Adrienne and Alyssa have booked a couple of dives, Steve and James Snorkel in the same location.  Most dive locations here are accessed from shore, not from a boat. To keep her reputation intact, Adrienne gets numerous scrapes on her legs and arms from the rocks as she is exiting the water after her last dive. A cruise for her would not be complete without at least an  injury. Fortunately most have been minor, but she does see the value in having travel medical insurance.

The lounges have become less busy, the normal progression as the days pass by. One of the servers in the Diamond lounge has just transferred here from The Serenade where she was also my bartender in the Diamond Lounge. Our cruise director, Drew  has been on many ships that I have, going back to the Monarch, a ship I travelled on frequently since 2011.  Yes passengers and crew become family and surprisingly they remember you along with thousands of other passengers they meet every year.

Another successful evening of hot food in the buffet for dinner. We leave port after dark for another very short passage to Oranjestad, Aruba with an expected arrival at 7:30 AM.