October 30, 2022

Oct 28 - Castries, St Lucia

The weather continues to be overcast with a few passing showers. No shore excursion planned for today.  The vegitation on the surrounding hills is lush green, the sea clear and blue with few waves. There are a few shops on the pier, and there used to be a nice park in back of the shops.

I don't know what is being built, but the park is gone and concrete foundations are being built for something. The workers were busy when we pulled into port, and still working when we left.

Lynn takes a brief walk into town and returns with a tee shirt for her grand daughter. I stay on the ship. 

Today is laundry day. Wash dry and fold, a maximum of 30 items. We have 20 something.

A couple of beverages in the sky lounge, a good dinner in the dining room, and we catch 90% of the 7:00 main show, Chloe Jones, a vocalist from England.  An excellent voice and a classy presence unlike Ashlie Amber that has the voice but is lacking in the rest.

Seas remain basically calm, the skies overcast with occasional showers as we head to Barbados.