February 02, 2023

Day 3 At Sea

The seas remain 3 feet or less. The skies partly cloudy, temperatures in the high 70's. Breakfast as usual in chops. A goal has been set to never set foot in the Windjammer buffet for the entire cruise. It will be an easy goal to attain wth Chops for breakfast and the Coastal Kitchen for dinner.

The usual activities are offered today. Lots of trivia, pool contests and the never ending art auction and bingo. I attend the top tier party. I am always curious as to the the number of frequent cruisers. 

There are 459 Diamond,  301 Diamond Plus, and 67 Pinnacle members. Among the Pinnacles is Royal's most frequent cruiser Mario, often referred to as Super Mario who has 10,649 points. He has aged a lot since I last saw him, but I better be careful what I say.

Other than introducing the top cruisers and having free champagne or fruit punch the top tier was pretty boring. No new information, no introduction of officers, no stories from the captain. Probably less than half the invited passengers attend.

Despite the great weather, I am still able to find seating in the solarium pool area. Of course there are many chairs that are obviously being "saved" with carefully placed towels.

Again another excellent dinner in the Coastal Kitchen, grilled New York Strip. I was disappointed to find that the "apple pie" is not fresh baked apple pie as in the past, but the same factory pastery served in the dining room. at least in the Coastal Kitchen it is heated before being served.

Long before boarding I made reservations for all the main entertainment. Tonight it is adult comedy. Never a favorite of mine, but entertainment none the less, I was surprised I was able to leave the comedian speechless for an uncomfortable few seconds. That wasn't my intention, but when he asked how many years we were married and I told him we wern't married he had no comeback. Not what he was prepared to hear.

After comedy, across the hall to Jazz on 4. The venue is full, well as full as it will be with half the seating facing away from the stage. Why they don't better arrange the seating boggles my mind, but then agian I am only a customer.

The seas have calmed to less than 3 feet as we head towards Cozumel, Mexico. We have been warned several times that Mexico has banned smoking an vaping in all public places. Good for them.