February 06, 2020

Feb 5 Roseau, Dominica

This is getting to be repetitive. 80 degrees, sunny skies and a nice breeze. I will take every day of it.

We are one of two ships in port, the other over a mile away I am unable to identify. Adrienne and Steve have booked a snorkeling excursion. Pann and Terry are headed to watch a movie on the ship this morinng and then go ashore this afternoon.

I begin my day wathching some of the crew practice launching and getting into an inflatable life raft. A skill required of all crew, with recertification required every 5 years.

One crew member is unable to get into the raft, and is unable to right it from its upside down position in the water. She will be given another opportunity next week. How many chances they get is unknown, but it is limited. No life raft certification, no job.

Cecil, my bartender in the Safari lounge nearly every night, does OK despite her short stature.  She passes and is good for another 5 years.

I take about a 45 minute walk into town. Just as I am walking down the pier, an ambulance is trying to make its way to the ship. I hold the gate back as it squeezes its way onto the pier. Not an easy manuever.

Once back on board I spend about 2 hours in the solarium pool. Again, initially the water was quite quite cool as I slowly work my way in. Once acclimated the cool water was refreshing. 

After lunch I find myself in the lounge on 13. Mario has returned his nick knacks to the edge of his desk. He shares there are 54 pinnacle this week and about 600 diamond and diamond plus passengers. Just a few less than last week.

After one drink in the Safari lounge I switch to diet coke. I probably need to allow my body to recover some.

Dinner is braised beef. Excellent! I remind myself that on the Vision I couldn't even cut it. Here it falls apart as it should.

After dinner I listen to the guitar pLayer in the Schooner bar. Much to my surprise he finishes by 11:00. As I walk back to my stateroom I find that the ship is essentially devoid of passengers. A few of the beverage staff are cleaning tables and putting everything away at the bars. The demographic influence is showing.

Tomorrow we will be in St Kitts.