December 14, 2019

Dec 12, Oranjestad, Aruba

I sleep soundly for over 10 hours.

Clearance is delayed about 30 minutes, but passengers disembark with plenty of time for shopping, sightseeing or whatever else they have planned for the day.

Good news from Rafael, he did not crash the lifeboat on his first time at the helm.

Cold cereal in the Windjammer for breakfast. I have seen this several times, skim milk is only available if you ask. No guess as to why. Probably it cost more than whole milk?

Limes continue to be in random short supply. Some venues have none, others seem to have a handfully sporadically

I make plans to meet most of the others at Iguana Joe's about noon. I had checked the weather forecast before leaving the ship, just a 7% chance of a shower. Just as I reach the security checkpoint, the skies open up. I stand under cover for about ten minutes until the skies are blue again.

Aruba only averages about 20 inches of rain per year, and the local people relish every drop.

A few drinks, and then back to the ship. Shower and clean clothes for the evening.

Late afternoon another shower looms somewhere producing a bright rainbow over the island. Over the ship the skies are clear and sunny.

The most important news, the lone tree on the sandbar survives. I have been keeping an eye on it since 2012, Bette and Bill have been watching it for about 20 years. I guess it is much hardier than it looks.

The captain is looking for two passengers as the time to depart arrives. Their fate is unknown.

The seas are about 3 to 5 feet as we begin our journey home with an expected arrival early Sunday morning.