April 29, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 115

Day 115 – At Sea. We continue on our Westerly course towards an early arrival at Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. Winds are light from the North, seas are slight, skies are mostly sunny with a few light clouds, temperatures in the mid 70's. We pass thru the Bahamas, North of Nassau, and South of Freeport late this afternoon.

Many passengers are anxious to get home. Luggage was already piled high in the hallways before 8:00 AM this morning. Some passengers are scrambling to change flight plans, having originally booked planes too early in the morning on Saturday. There is a steady stream of passengers taking luggage to the atrium to be weighed, and the front desk is busy with all sorts of last minute details.

My chauffeurs, my son and daughter, are planning to meet me at the pier tomorrow morning. I am scheduled to be one of the last off the ship, the exact time depending on the speed of customs and immigration. Over a number of cruises I have learned it is best to either carry all my luggage off myself and be one of the first to disembark, or wait to be near the last, and avoid all of those that push and shove. Unlike most ships we can wait in our cabin or any public area on the ship until our group is called. Since the gangway is just a few feet from my cabin, I will probably wait there.

I listened to my last presentation this morning, a talk on the Everglades and things to do in Ft Lauderdale and the surrounding area.

This afternoon there is another concert by "Island Magic" from Trinidad playing their steel drums.

Tonight the entertainment is music provided by a combination of all the musicians on the ship.

This is my last daily post for World Cruise 2016. I hope you have enjoyed following this adventure.

In three weeks on May 21, 2016 I leave for a trip to Alaska and the Arctic, followed by a cruise back to Vancouver on Royal Caribbean's Radiance of The Seas. Follow the adventure here.