March 09, 2019

March 8 - Willemstad, Curacao

Curacao is the "C" of the ABC islands, but ships never visit them in A B C order, physically they aren't located that way, and calling them the ACB islands never took hold.

The skies are partly cloudy, with temperatures to reach a high of 80.

Adrienne and Steve along with Pann and Terry have rented a car to visit several snorkeling beaches around the island.

I will take Scott, Melinda and Eliza on a walking tour to the floating bridge.

We are here untill 7:30, so there is no rush. We are the only cruise ship in port, so there are no crowds.

The weather is ideal, enough clouds to provide some protection from the sun, a nice breeze to make one feel more comfortable.

Not only do they get to walk across the bridge, they witness it's opening for a container ship headed to ports unknown.

Aftere several contributions to the local economy, we are back on the ship about 4.

As we gather in the lounge before diinner, it shows that Melinda got more sun than she realized, Adrienne has acquired a lump on her forehead, and a swolen ankle, both byproducts of insect bites she claims, or maybe the result of jellyfish she encountered.

We are not the last to leave the dining room tonight, but next to last.

Another juggler for entertainment, I doubt the theater is 30% full. Not as good as either "Lucas".

The ship leaves port at 7:30, headed to Bonnaire, our last of the ABC islands.