September 25, 2018

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

We arrive in George Town without incident and maintain our position in the anchorage without the use of any anchors. Newer technology on most cruise ships allow them to maintain a fixed position and heading automatically using the ships various propulsion systems.

The only other ship here today is a Carnival ship, and the 3 tenders serving our ship shuttle the passengers quickly ashore. The weather remains mostly sunny. For the northerners on the ship, it is hot, for the many Floridians, the caribbean continues to provide a relief from the heat. Everything is relative.

A water pipe springs a leak just outside my cabin sometime during the day. My cabin is not affected, but after quick repairs are  made,  much time is spent drying out the wet carpet, and blowers are left on all night.  Fortunately it was a fresh water line.

Bernadette is serving the entire lounge by herself again tonight. She does an excellent job which is helped by the lounge being 30% empty, a rare occurrance. Her husband works in Windjammer, and they have made plans to get off the ship tomorrow and enjoy lunch in Cozumel.

Jimmy Hopper is our main entertainment tonight, a hold over guest performer from last week. Earlier in the day In conversation while we are listening to one of the piano players I learn that he not only is paid for each show, but is paid for his idle time on the ship between shows. It makes sense, because if he were ashore he would be performing every day. Most of the time he performs at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

The top tier party barely fills a third of the Colony Club this week with 12 Pinnacle, 70 Diamond Plus and about 80 Diamond passengers on board (Two Pinnacle members missed the ship). The captain on the Brilliance for the next few months is Captain Ole, one of the oldest and longest term employees of Royal with nearly 40 years of service to the company.

There has been no Captains Corner so far on the Brilliance, maybe Royal is conceding to Captain Kate, realizing they don't hold a candle to her personality, charm, and professionalism.

Once I close my cabin door, I can barely hear the roar of the fans outside. The seas remain calm as we head to Cozumel Mexico at a very comfortable 15 Knots. Arrival time is expected to be 10:00 AM.