August 31, 2018

Willemstad, Curacao August 30

As expected I am still asleep when we arrive in Curacao this morning.  The "megaport" as it is called here, has room for two ships, we are the only one today.

After a quick breakfast, I head into town. Again the weather is perfect. In the shade the temperature is probably about 80. There is brisk breeze which makes it quite comfortable. As to be expected, in the sun it is hot.

I never had thought about going to the Southern Caribbean in the summer to escape the Florida heat, not a bad idea. I think it must be differences in observation of daylight savings time, but all of our ports of call have been on the same time as Florida. I don't remember this being the case in the past.

There is about a one meter swell in the harbor as I walk across the floating bridge. She creaks and moans as the decking twists back and forth with the waves. I have no concerns, the bridge has been here well over a hundred years.

As I approach the area of the floating market, my first disappointment. Not a single vessel in the market area.  For years vessels from Venezuela were selling all kinds of fruits and produce. I later learn this is a result of the current economic and political situation in Venezuela. The government won't let the boats leave.

There are a half dozen vessels in the fish market area. As I head back towards town I pass a crew member with an empty hand cart. Fresh fish for some tonight?

Otherwise Curacao seems unchanged. The gas flarings, and occasionally a plume of smoke, indicates that some if not all of the refineries are operating. The shops appear to be thriving as do the casinos and hotels. The buildings remain painted bright colors, a trademark of the city.

I make it back to the ship for a late lunch.  So far posting to the blog with just my phone and without a computer or internet access seems to be OK.  Communication timing seems to be rather strange at times, and I will learn when I return home next week how well it actually worked.

Tomorrow is our last port before heading back to Miami.