January 09, 2024

Jan 8 - Cozumel, Mexico

By the time I awake at 8:00, many passengers are already off the ship. We share a dock with the Radiance of the Seas. Two Carnival ships are at the next pier. A fifth ship is at the dock a few miles distant. Cozumel will be busy today.

With internet service thru my cell carrier T-Mobile I can easily check the local weather. Not ideal. The temperatures are near 80, but there is a 30 to 50% chance of rain all day.

Heading for breakfast in the dining room I manage to trip over a very low coffee table near the Rendevous Lounge. Total stupidity on my part. Already suffereing from a pulled tendon since just before the cruise, I concede it now hurts to move my right knee. Not enough for the ships doctor, but enough that considering the weather I will just stay on the ship today and dig into my emergency kit for the Tylenol.

This is the first day we go to the main dining room for breakfast. The french toast was good. Nothing fancy, no piece of bread 2 inches thick, just normal french toast. The dining room is full. 

While enjoying breakfast, the rains start. Not a shower but a heavy downpour. The skies are solid with rain clouds. Definitely looks like a day to stay on board.

I catch up with the dozens of emails in my inbox. In looking for a quiet place to sit and type, it is quickly obvious that at least 50% of the passengers have also chosen to remain on board.

By shortly after noon the skies have cleared, the rain stopped and the sun is shining. Maybe we have paid our 50%. Lynn decides to take a short walk into town. I remain behind and watch as a passenger from the Radiance is taken away by ambulance.

Cocktails as usual  about 4:30. The veal dinner is excellent in the main dining room, and the service has substantially improved since the first 3 nights.

As is typical each evening there is live music in the wine bar, The Rendevous Lounge, my favorite, and the Grand Lobby. We catch a set on the way to the theater for the 9:00 PM show. I have yet to choose a lounge and been unable to find seating. Such a contrast with the megaships.

Our clocks get turned ahead tonight, the third change on this trip. OK by me as it permits an extra hour of sleep.

The seas are about 5 feet and there is a gentle roll to the ship broken by an occasiinal shudder.  The guest performer on the main stage, a man eithoit his sea legs yet, had difficulty maintaining balance when he stood up from playing the piano.

Tomorrow we will be in Belize. A tender port where we have an 8:00 AM shore excursion. The csptain has told us we will be in port an hour longer than scheduled.