January 30, 2020

Jan 28. 2020 Curacao

There are a few clouds over Curacao in the morning. We left Aruba last night before The Rotterdam. Whether she is coming to Curacao I don't know. Yesterday I heard that the Rotterdam was living up to the reputation of having a very elderly group of passengers. A couple in their late 60's was bemoaning the fact that they were the youngest on the ship and everyone was asleep by 9.

I have a mission today. Find a replacement shot glass for my daughter. She washed the one she had and most of the decoration came off. I will look for one with permanent markings.

There is a lady in the lounge frequently using the ships computer. Yesterday she was preparing payroll for the company where she is employed. Spending much more time cruising than I do, and working full time, she definitely has the ultimate "working from home" environment.

I think she might even have a good argument for cruising expenses being declared as a legitimate "home office" expense.

The weather here is perfect. A few scattered clouds, light breeze and 80 degrees. Curacao is delightful. Helped by the fact we are the only ship in port.

Some shopping, a beer, and back to the ship for lunch.

Upon returning to the cabin there is a bottle of wine from the hotel manager. A decision will be made as to which meal it shall accompany. I try to find the menues on the Royal app, but they are nowhere to be found.

Sometimes I observe things for ehich I have no explanation.  A medium sized oil yanker approaches the enyrance yo the port. About a mile off shore she is mey by the pilot boat. Yhe pilot boat heads back yo shore, and the tanker abrupyly turns and heads out to sea where she disappears over the horizon. Unusual to say the least.

Dining room again. I choose pasta, my last resort on the menu.  Seated at a diffetent table, we have a different team of servers, but all of our previous wait staff continuously stops by to check on us. Dinner is a long process.

We start our 60 hour cruise back to Ft Lauderdale. Our course will take us just off the Eastern tip of Cuba and into the bahamas channel. Seas are very calm. The next two days will be sea days