November 17, 2019

Nov 13 - George Town, Grand Cayman

By  10:30 most passengers have taken tenders to shore. The sytem works much more efficiently here than in Cabo San Lucas, primarily because the tenders are operated by the port, not the ship.

The weather is hot but ideal. No clouds, lots of sun and a light breeze. There is also a Holland America ship and a Carnival ship anchored nearby.

I go ashore for about an hour. Nothing needed to buy, nothing bought. I return to the ship and shower.

As we are about to leave, the captain makes an announcement about an outbreak of norovirus that is spreading on the ship. I wasn't aware except that I thought the cleaning efforts were more aggressive than usual.

One passenger reported that she was aware of the outbreak about two days out of San Pedro as it had struck people at most of the tables around her in the dining room.

Whether norovirus or something else, Bill didn't feel well and went to the medical facility yesterday. After a $1,000 bill he was advised to disembark in George Town and seek more advanced medical care. He ignored the advise.

Several times there were indications that some passengers missed the ship. Today the identity was confirmed of a person that did miss the ship in San Pedro.  Captain Mike was supposed to take command in San Pedro. For an unexplained reason, he didn't make it and boarded in Colon instead. So if you had any idea that the ship would wait for you, thing again. They didn't even wait for the captain.

The seas are about six feet as we leave port headed to Ft Lauderdale, Fl. There is a nice roll to the ship. Most passengers are fine, but there are those that are complaining.

Another comedian ventriloquist for entertainment. Not as good as most others I have seen.

Tomorrow is a sea day.

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