November 01, 2019

October 31, A Sea Day

The ship pitches and rolls thru the night and most of the day in the 5 to 6 foot swells. I'm sure it happens often, but I hear of a number of passengers that are not doing well with the motion. The temperatures remain pleasant, only warming to the low 70's. The Solarium is full, but not the deck seating around the pool.

This is a younger crowd than the last two weeks with infants, toddlers, and teenagers present along with their young parents. 

Two weeks ago I had asked the Loyalty Ambassador to change my amenities from wine to Diet Sprite and club soda. For some reason it didn't happen, so I ask her to please chage it if she could. No problem she will see that it is taken care of.

Maybe a language issue, or maybe an inventory issue but the wine is taken back and I am given the Diet Sprite, but sparkling water instead of club soda. Oh, not 12 ounce cans but eight quart bottles without a recloseable top.

After considering a number of options I decide any remainder after opening each bottle will be transferred to a recycled water bottle. Being adaptable helps.

The diamond lounge continues to be quite busy. Rynaldo has asked for a helper, i'm not sure he is much help as most drinks more complicated than a bottle of beer he has to be helped. The helper being helped by the person he is supposed to be helping? Oh well.

The same Motown entertainers from last week are in the theater tonight. Instead I listen to Henry in the Schooner Bar.

By mid evening the seas have subsided and the rolling and creaking cease.

Tomorrow we arrive in Cabo San Lucas.

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