November 01, 2019

October 30, San Pedro, Ca. (Los Angeles)

The ship arrives on time and disembarkation starts at 7:00 am. The air temperature is 47 degrees, I knew there was a reason to bring a winter jacket. 

The alarm is set for 7:00 so we can be out of the cabin by 8:00. With a 2:45 flight Gail is scheduled for a 10:00 AM disembarkation with the last passengers scheduled to depart at 10:30, and the back to back passengers after that. The process is a little mixed up. Many passengers are given conflicting directions on the area they need to wait in. Numbers are not called in order, and numbers are only announced in the area where those passengers are supposed to be instead of throughout the ship. Royal soon realizes some of the errors in its process.

We start to disembark about 10:45, nearly an  hour late. Once off the ship we realize the issue, a long line for Customs and Border Protection to check passports.

After over an hour in line and a minute with the cutoms agent the luggage is easy to find and the last two airport transfer buses are waiting. Gail is off to San Mateo

Being an "in transit" passenger I should have been able to get right back on the ship. Because at 12:10 there are still passengers disembarking, I had to wait in the terminal. A few minutes later when I board, the line for customs still extends back to the end of the ramp from the ship. Once openened for boarding, over 2 hours late, a thousand or more passengers quickly fill the ship, the reamainder will board soon.

Passengers that booked a shore excursion in conjunction  with a transfer to the airport found the excursion to be heavily modified due to all the fires around the LA area. Other passengers that planned to tour independently changed plans due to the late departures, there just wasn't enough time.

The Grand Princess is berthed at the next pier. I wonder if they had a better experience? I get the feeling LA is not a cruise ship friendly port, and Royal anticipated a slow disembarkation, but not this slow.

With cellular phone service I call my daughters to let them know I am still alive. It was from this ship two years ago that I was transferred to a local hospital in St John, New Brunswick where I remained for 4 days. So far this trip all is well, I will keep my fingers crossed

A lot happens in two weeks. My youngest daughter became engaged, sold her house and bought a new one. Subjects I heard only a little of before embarking on this trip. I will learn more when I return home. I now have a wedding to pay for, but I won't let that impact my travel budget.

The temperatures rise to the low 70's during the day, Skies remain clear except for the smoke and fog  over the city. The low  humidity is a pleasant change from Florida 

I make the basic decision to dine in the Windjammer buffet this trip instead of the dining room. The extra rolls were not good to me the past two weeks.

The Ship rolls and creaks slightly in the 5 foot seas as we head South to Cabo San Lucas. Tomorrow will be a sea day.

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