October 27, 2019

Saturday Oct 26, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The captains weather forecast is for rain storms. As we arrive the skies are clear with a slight breeze.

I was here about 35 years ago on my first cruise on the Carnival Tropicale. You shouldn't be surprised when I tell you what I recognize, nothing.

I contribute about 30 USD to the local economy. No, beer is not that expensive, less than $3 at Senor Frogs, but the round trip cab fare and tip was many times times the cost of a beer.

About the first mile of the return cab ride was over the roughest cobblestone streets I can remember. The old Nissan with over 150,000 miles rattles and shakes at every stone. The cab driver does not charge extra for the "massage ride". He is retiring in 4 weeks and praying his car lasts that long.

The weather remains excellent all day. Walmart and the large shopping center across the street do a good business from the ship's passengers, more than one returning with an empty suitcase to pack all the acquired trinkets.

None of the vendors I encounter are aggressive, maybe because of the large police presence.

By the time we leave port, it has never rained, but a few white clouds have appeared. There are times when the forecast being wrong is OK.

What should have been a good comfort food dinner was inedible. BBQ baby back ribs were tougher than shoe leather. Not cuttable or chewable. I can't imagine how they did it. An unusual occurance? No. After dinner the waiter shares that the ribs are never good. It would have helped his tip if he shared that before we ordered. The roast duck was no better.

I pass on the entertainment tonight, motown music, another period of time I missed.

Again the seas remain calm as we leave port and head to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 14 hours up the coast.

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