October 27, 2019

Friday Oct 25 - At Sea

The seas are calm throughout the night. Morning finds us in fog and rain, but that soon gives way to mostly clear blue skies.

Royal Caribbean has a large weather tracking and forecasting team in Miami. Information is passed on to all the ships around the globe. It was pointed out to me by another passenger that the forecasts on the ship have not been correct since we left Miami. Maybe the Miami weather department doesn't know where this ship is located.

Todays lecture is on the drug cartels, the corruption in Mexico, and the governments efforts to stabilize the tourist areas.

The sea remains flat and the sun bright all day. Our course takes us 15 to 20 miles off the west coast of Mexico. Despite the sunny weather the pools remain relatively empty, passengers keeping busy with indoor activites like never ending trivia, golf in the centrum, practicing with rhe guest chior and building contraptions for the egg drop contest.

Ronn Lucas does an afternoon matinee show performing to a packed house.

The casino is quite busy, I actually walked thru it once today. I'm sure it was my passage, as a passenger won $10,000.00 on a slot machine. Such a rare event that Steve Davis, the cruise director mentioned it several times.

Bobby Arvonn is our headliner entertainer tonight.  I have seen him several times, and will confess he is one of my least favorites.

Again the seas are flat and the skies are clear as we head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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