October 21, 2019

Oct 19, 2019 Crossing The Panama Canal

The skies are clear and sunny as we take our position to enter the first lock. We are the tenth Northbound ship of the day. Yes Northbound. The canal runs more North and South than it does East and West. In fact when we exit on the pacific side we are actually further East than when we entered the canal.

As expected we use the old locks, locks that have been in operation for over 100 years. A very large container ship right behind us uses the new locks. Obviously too long for the original locks. Many passengers scramble to find a viewing spot on the bow of the ship. I elect a spot on the stern that is much less busy and offers unobstructed views.

Our narrator for the crossing had worked for the canal for over 30 years and did an excellent job of explaining the transit. It didn't appear to me that the canal was especially busy.

Once in Gantun lake we are in a hold position for several hours to allow South bound traffic to clear the narrow channels. The weather remains good most of the day with just a few showers. We must be one of the last ships to exit as locked behind us are a small sightseeing ferry and a private yacht, possibly 45 feet in length maximum.  

It is well after dark when we finally reach the pacific. Clouds and rain preclude any view of Panama City. The seas have increased to 5 or 6 feet and the ship begins to roll.

Roast turkey for dinner, one of the better offerings from the galley. It is tender and flavorful.

Tonight's show is an Elton John tribute. A good show but I feel Kelly Goodrich does a better job immitating Elton.  

Hopes were raised that the internet was fixed. It hasn't worked since we left Florida.  This ship has just returned recently from Europe where it spent the summer. When it reached the coastal US the antennaes were supposed to lock in on a different satelite. It didn't happen.  A technician was flown to Colon where he boarded the ship to fix the problem. We will see.

Through the evening and thru the night the ship creaks and moans in the higher seas. The ses sickness bags are hung everywhere. I will seep well, unfortunately there will be a few passengers that are not as happy.

Tomorrow is a sea day as we head North West towards California.

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