October 21, 2019

Oct 18, 2019 Colon, Panama

I wake early enough to watch our arrival at Colon, Panama. the seas are flat, the temperatures comfortable in the low 80's and the skies dark and threatening.

Dozens of ships are anchored within the break wall surrounding the entrance to the harbor, many more are waiting in the distance. Either waiting for a load of cargo, or waiting for their alloted time slot to enter the canal.

Colon is not a large city, but is a large port for commercial traffic. Many ships are unloading or loading containers, bulk cargo, or autos. A large modern CNG carrier awaits off shore.

A special treat in Colon, We share the cruise terminal with the former Monarch of The Seas, one of my favorite ships that I sailed many times out of Port Canaveral before Royal sold her to a sister brand Pulmantur.

Today is also our day to bunker, or take on fuel. My guess, the least costly port we will be in. The fuel tanker remain tied alongside most of the day.

The overcast skies turn into a light drizzle. Most passengers are taking tours, even the solarium is nearly empty.

I elect to stay on the ship except for a brief vist to the shops on the pier. I finally have phone service and am able to download all my emails and text messages. It takes me over an hour to read thru them and either respond or as more often is the case, delete them.

Despite the large number of Diamond level and above passengers, the service in the Diamond lounge has been excellent.

It is after dark when we leave port to take our position to enter the canal in the morning.

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