October 03, 2019

Nassau on The Mariner

The ship moves slowly thru the water to reach Nassau by morning. About a 70 mile cruise.

We are the third ship in port after the Navigator and a Norwegian ship.

The skies are sunny with a brisk breeze. Temperatures hover in the low 80's, very pleasant.

Again I stay on board. About 2:00 the Carnival Freedom arrives.

Today I discovered another dedign feature that has carried across every ship that Royal operates.  Hidden in the deep dark depths where passengers never venture is the control system for the elevators. You and I would think these to be relatively straight forward systems that would drive elevators up and down between decks, opening and closing doors as needed to let passengers on and off.

Well I can assure you from first person observstion that these systems have developed a level of artificial intelligence unequalled anywhere.  Elevators have minds of their own. Going where they want and stopping or not stopping at their whim and not following the buttons that are pushed or the announcements it makes in the car every time it moves.

Very clearly the arrows and the announcement said going down. After the doors closed we went up, stopping at several decks with no passengers waiting either on or off the elevator.

Now I know another reason the audible announcements haven't survived to newer ships. Too much confirmation that the elevator mind is in control not the passengers.

Our departure from Nassau is after dark. The lighting on the newly added water slides and jumping ball are impressive.

Tomorrow is another day at Coco Cay.

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