July 18, 2019

July 14th Return home

The alarm is set for 7:00. Our scheduled departure is estimated to be between 8:10 and 8:20. Gail is doubtful she can make it down the gangway, thru the terminal and out to the bus. Her "bug" has taken a toll and she is very weak. We decide to take advantage of wheelchair assistance and just need to get her to deck 5 forward to the gathering place for those passengers needing assistance.

After a brief stop to sit and rest. We make it. Shortly her name is called and we begin our exit. A crew member takes her as far as the elevator, then a shore person takes her from the elevator to baggage claim which today is the first group of luggage as we enter the big hall. I arrange for a stevedor to take our bags.
We continue on our way to customs where we barely pause long enough to open our passports.

Within less than 20 minutes we are getting off the bus at my car in the parking lot.

Home, unpacked and all the clothes are washed. Gail sees her doctor the next morning. The Z pack has worked and he finds no indication of any serious lingering issues.

In a few days life will return to normal and we will be ready to travel again. Hopefully without an unwanted "bug".

Though disappointing, things happen and one just needs to roll with the tides and deal with what cards you are dealt. Tomorrow is another new day.

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