July 18, 2019

July 13 A Sea Day

By early morning the temperatures are already in the low 90's, the skies clear, and the sun very hot. The seas have calmed to nearly flat. The ship is cruising at near top speed of over 23 knots headed back to our home port of Port canaveral.

Gail is still unable to get up for breakfast so I make a trip to the Windjammer. Rest is most important.

I catch an Aqua shown in the morning, and watch most of the Broadway production Greece in the afternoon. I miss the last 5 minutes because nature is calling and I don't dare wait until the end of the show.

No dining room again tonight, it is just too much effort when one doesn't feel well.

After dinner our bags are packed and set out in the hall. I make a last trip to the lounge to say goodby and leave a tip for the concierge host. No late night partying for these passengers

The seas remain very calm. Tomorrow morning we will be berthed in Port Canaveral, disembark the ship, and drive home.

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