September 04, 2018

September 2 - Another Sea Day

This morning the seas are slight at less than three feet. There is a fairly steady rain keeping all but a few die
hards away from the pool.

The Oceanview is exceptionally busy for breakfast. For the first time on this trip I decide to have eggs. As I am waiting, those that haven't ordered are told they are out of luck, they have run out. He was not clear as to whether the ship was out or just this galley.  We will know tomorrow.

I have been on several ships where they ran out of limes, and Captain Kate related a time the ship ran out of coffee and another when they had no rice, the primary staple for many of the crew. The rice shortage nearly prevented sailing, but enough was sourced and loaded on the ship at the last minute.

At the Captain's corner we learn that the passengers that were late boarding in Bonaire were in touch with the ship, it was not revealed whether or not they were on a Celebrity excursion. I suspect not because if they were that would have presented the opportune time to reinforce one of the advantages of booking with the cruise line.

This ship is going in for a major refurbishment in the spring. I know they will be adding more suites and specialty dining, specific details are scarce.  

The afternoon show was the house orchestra and the singers singing tunes from Broadway shows. For a change I was familiar with all the numbers. I return to my cabin and do most of my packing before it is time for our last gathering in the SkyView Lounge to say our goodbyes.

The rain subsides bout noontime, and by 4:00 the sun is bright and the skies clear. the seas are almost like glass. No complaints about the weather or sea conditions from this passenger.

The choices in the Oceanview are pretty slim tonight. The crew relates that they have just run out of some items they would normally still be serving, this group of passengers consuming more than anticipated.  We were told this is a very common problem on Asian cruises as many passengers just sit in the buffet and eat all day long. On some ships the problem got so severe that the hours were cut and the area closed as that was the only way they could get passengers to leave so tables could be cleaned.

s show features Ashley Amber Harris in a tribute to Whitney Houston.  She is an energetic performer and is well liked by the nearly full theater. When the Celebrity Edge is launched in December she will be a permanent entertainer with a show blocked just for her.

When I retire for the evening my alarm is set for 7:00 AM. The trip is nearly over as we head to Miami. We should be docked before 7:00 and passengers that want to carry all their own luggage should be leaving a few minutes later. Again a few passengers are staying on board for the next cruise, but most of us must return to reality until next time.

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