September 04, 2018

September 1 - A Sea Day

As we leave Bonaire the seas are moderate with winds of about 30 knots. Throughout the night there is a slight roll to the ship, and a constant but subtle moaning and groaning.

We awake to mostly sunny skies with the seas still running 6 to 9 feet. The forecast for the day is pretty much the same with a slight chance of showers.  As we progress in a North Westerly direction towards Miami the seas are expected to gradually subside.

Throughout the last two weeks nearly
everyplace the ship has traveled, the water is covered with large patches of a yellowish green algae, some patches
as large as 50 feet across and 100 feet long.  A phenomenon neither I, nor anyone else I talked to, have ever before seen to such a large extent.

Whatever it is, and whatever is causing it, can not be good for the health of the seas.

The Equinox is a good ship. Cabins are spacious and comfortable. Spacious, now that's a word I would not normally think of associating with a cruise ship cabin, but here the cabins are about 30% larger than cabins on Royal ships.

The vases of flowers in my cabin, a nice touch, I believe are a result of my loyalty level. I do expect however that everyone gets a chocolate on their pillow every night.

Announcements are made only once a day, no constant pleas to attend art auctions or bingo. No belly flop contests or wet tee shirt contests. Games here are more refined and include bocce ball, archery, pool volleyball and baggo. Are bingo and trivia considered games?

Real ice cream, and soft serve if you wish, served for you most of the day along with a variety of cookies and pastries. Fruits, salads and cooked to order pasta and pizza is available from late morning until well after I am asleep. Gelato is also available most of the day, but, for a fee.

Many varied menu choices are always available in the Oceanview Cafe including steak, chicken and fish cooked to order every day. Fruit smoothies most of the day. Salad and sandwich options are nearly endless. Themed meals such as Indian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, British, etc. are featured on different nights. Gluten free items are always available as are individually prepared items for anyone on any type of dietary restriction. The offering of Fish N Chips created the only lines in the Oceanview.

Definitely a much wider range of options than most other cruise lines, and most importantly, at least in my opinion, hot food is always served hot! Even the soup kettles are kept at near simmering temperatures all the time.

Of course this ship does not have water slides, zip lines, or wave riders, but the passenger demographics don't call for such features either. Or maybe the features determine the demographics? Your choice.

Entertainment is typical for this size ship. Not as elaborate as can be offered on the megaships, but acceptable.

By nightfall the seas have subsided to three feet or less, and the skies are rather gloomy.

Tomorrow is our last day at sea before returning to Miami.

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