December 02, 2017

Day 9 – At Sea

December 2, The first of two days at sea as we head to Ft Lauderdale for turnaround. Most, but not all, passengers will disembark and return to whatever is their land based life, and a few crew members leave for a much deserved vacation. A few passengers will remain onboard as the crew prepares the ship for an onslaught of new guests. All cabins are cleaned, the stores are re-provisioned, the new crew members introduced to their new duties and the entire staff prepares to greet about 2000 new passengers.

It is absolutely another beautiful day in the Southwest Northern Atlantic ocean. There is about a three to five foot swell, but no waves and negligible wind. The air temperature is a very comfortable 80 degrees, and the skies are mostly sunny with a few scattered clouds.

This morning the top tier party is held in the theater to recognize the Crown and Anchor loyalty program members. Of the 2100 passengers on the ship 1400 are crown and anchor members, 23 Pinnacle, 180 Diamond Plus, and 308 diamond. With the Diamond lounge holding about 30 guests, and the Concierge lounge holding about 50, it is obvious why there is seldom an available seat.

The pool is busy today, with nearly every deck chair occupied.

Tonight is the second formal night with the usual dinner option of lobster. Never for me though, I have been good, and stayed away from the dining room except for the first night.

Tonight the show is a production show with the singers and dancers, but not with a live band. Instead the music is prerecorded. Actually the end result is good as the band doesn't overpower the singers.

This evening the temperature has dropped to the mid 70's, the seas have increased and the wind has picked up and is directly on the bow. The ship is starting to pitch, roll, moan, and groan a little. Some passengers will be complaining in the morning, while many others will have the best night's sleep of the cruise. The seas have slowed our speed just a little. Probably the stabilizers are extended but I have no way of knowing for sure.

Tomorrow is another sea day.

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