December 02, 2017

Day 7 – Bridgetown, Barbados

We arrive in port about 7:00, and dock at the first spot closest to the pier shops and excursion buses. Right behind us the Jewel of the Seas ties up to the same pier. The Europa 2 is moored a little further away. Not really too far, but far enough that a shuttle is provided for them.

By 8:00 passengers may begin disembarking. The skies look ominous, with dark clouds rolling over the island. By 8:30 the rains come, and come they do. A very heavy steady rain that lasts until after noon when it begins to pour. The rain continues until we depart at 5:00. Nearly every passenger that ventured off the ship returns soaked, but most handle it in stride with few complaints.

Despite the rain, today is lifeboat training day for the crew. All the lifeboats on one side of the ship are launched to give the crew practice. Often I would observe, but not today in the rain, I listen to some more of my audio book.

The lounge is extra busy tonight as we have lost the outside seating to the rain, and the only show this evening is the ever present love and marriage game, not a favorite of the frequent cruisers. The free drinks in the lounge is the most attractive option.

I learn that most loyalty passengers did get a plate of cookies even though I didn't. But just to keep everything fair, others didn't get bottles of water or chocolate covered strawberries. Except for just a screw up on someone's part, no one has an explanation for the discrepancies. Maybe just another cutback, only give the little perks to some but not all of their loyalty guests?

As we head North Westerly towards St Johns, Antigua, the seas remain very slight, the rain has stopped and our speed is 21 Knots, very close to the ships maximum of 24. Our expected arrival time is 9:00 AM. The forecast is for mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 80's, time will tell.

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