May 15, 2024

May 12 - Rhodes

Our arrival in Rhodes is unique. No terminal, no customs, no security barriers.

We step off the ship onto the dock. Our tour bus is 25 feet away.  For those passengers that so choose, a walk across the pier and you face one of the many ancient walls that surround the city. By far the closest I have ever seen a cruise ship dock relative to the destination of the passengers.

My kids really laughed when we booked these, but this is the first of our "selfie" excursions. It was great.  We not only had a driver but 2 guides and an photographer.  Those that wanted were loaned selfie sticks, I brought one so I could learn its functions at home.

We were taken to a number of photographic sites around Rhodes before entering into the city itself. The tour was easy paced, and all 4 of the escorts helped guests with the best places to take pictures and how to do it with or without the selfie stick.

Rhodes itself was fantastic, the only difficulty I encountered was that since we were there on a Sunday, no one would take credit cards as the banking system was closed.  The good side of this is that I am sure this cut down on the amount of traffic, both vehicle and foot, that we had to deal with.

The bus driver had flown in early this morning from Athens. One guide was originally from Chile, but has lived in Rhodes for probably 40 years. The other guide from Poland. All were very understandable in english and knew the history and sights very well. It turns out that the "photographer" is also the manager for the shore excursion tour company in all of the Med. He is really on a mission to see that the season is getting off to a good start. It was.

In the center of Rhodes we had saganaki, again.  Yes every time it was different, and so far the saganaki in Rhodes is the best.

By the time we were back on the ship we were too tired to go to the Coastal Kitchen for dinner and settled for a quick bite in the Windjammer.

Tomorrow we head to Santorini.

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