January 14, 2024

Jan 11 - Sea Day

The skies are overcast and rain occasionally falls. Not a day for the sunworshippers.

The dining room is busier this morning, but the delay is only a few minutes at most. I try the pancakes this morning. Like with nearly everything else, the staff  does a good job.

The last "beyond the podium" presentation about interviews with the Hollywood greats  is at 10. This is followed with the cruise director interviewing the Captain and the Hotel Director. A new format that has replaced the Q&A with  the officers. Personally I don't feel it was done very well. It was totally scripted by the CD and it came across as a bragging session of how great Celebrity is.

Today is the last cruise day, tomorrow it is back to daily reality. I am supposed to be at a train show Saturday and Sunday, but I will be prudent and skip it with my leg issue, and instead consult with my primary care physcian as to the best course of action for a complete and speedy healing.  In reality, it is much better today than it was when I boarded the ship.  In part because I have learned what not to attempt to do. I normally favor my left leg as it has had issues most of my life. Now suddenly I have had to reverse strategy, favoring my right leg. Not an easy change.

The afternoon is filled with trivia and a musical murder mystery. Absolutely hilarious.

By Noon time the special procedures because of the norovirus outbreak have ceased. I guess the cruise line doesn't care if you get sick now as you will be home before any symptoms appear.

Prime rib is my choice for dinner in the main dining room. As with nearly every choice I have made, it was excellent. Definitely much better than the dining room food on Royal.

After dinner, we enjoy live music until 9:00 and then I must pack. Luggage should be out by 10:00.

I set my alarm for 6:00 so we can go to the dining room for breakfast. Our scheduled departure time is 8:45 but we must vacate our cabins by 8:00.

The forecast is for showers and cool temperatures when we arrive in Tampa.

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