March 11, 2023

Back Home

The ship is secured at the dock before 5:00 AM. My scheduled departure is at 7:30 with wheelchair assist. We arrive in plenty of time. There are about 20 passengers waiting. I am one of the first to depart. The wheelchair is in very poor condition.

By 8:00 we are sitting on the shuttle bus ready to head to the parking lot. Just as we are about to leave a passenger gets off the bus in an attempt to find her traveling companions.  The bus driver asks her to get back on the bus, he is ignored and leaves without her, but with her luggage and the luggage of her friends. Too bad. Why would you board a bus when the rest of your party isn't even there?

After a quick stop at WalMart I am home by 10 AM. By 1:00 all the laundry is done and I return myself to a land locked life. Mail to sort, emails to deal with, prescriptions to order etc.

I think I need to spend some time looking for some other cruises. No, not need to, WILL!

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