December 12, 2021

Dsy 3 - A Sea Day

Saturday December 11. The seas remain at about 5 to 6 feet. The wind is at or stern at about 15 knots, slightly less than our 17 knots of progress towards Cozumel.

The skies are mostly clear, the sun bright and temperatures in the low to mid 70's.

It is a good thing I had no desire to dine in Chops as I learn they have been sold out since before we sailed. I guess that explains why they haven't been pushing the specialty dining. 

Compared to my last sailing a few more activites have been returned. Special merchandise sales on the promenade such as the cheap tee shirts and hats, discounted silver, a watch sale.  A  "diamond" sales pitch in the theater, oops I mean seminar. And the old standby, the  shopping guide sales pitch for Cozumel, our next port of call. I pass on all of them.

A top tier event is held in the Star lounge. Not for Diamond and above as in years past, but only for Diamond Plus and Pinnacle. At most 60 passengers attend out of the 200 invited. Champagne or punch, or whatever if you ask. 

A gentleman that arrived 15 minutes late,  downs two double bourbon on the rocks in less than two minutes, then gets up and leaves in the middle of the event. Behavior of society hasn't improved. Why did I let him sit at my table?

The new procedure for complimentary drinks for Diamond and above is that depending on your level you can have your alloted number of beverages from most any location at any time of day. The servers are supposed to ring up each drink to keep track. Well having just reviewed my account I can tell you that often does not happen. Possibly a cash tip to the server with your first drink, and the next ones don't get rung up?  I doubt anyone from Royal will be reading this.

As I anticipated, Barbara is the top cruiser with 1905 points. There are 310 diamond passengers, 167 Diamond Plus, and 25 Pinnacle. World wide Royal has over 17,000,000 crown and anchor members.

I felt the piano player was decent the other night, so I go the the Schooner bar to pass time before the show. Disappointment. Exactly the same set as before. another passenger asks the bartender, and yes he does exactly the same thing every single night. Probably one of the reasons I enjoy Kelley Goodrich so much.

The vocalist show from the Phillipines, "Goddess" is good and also gives me the opportunity to eveluate a new set of sound reducing earplugs I purchased for such occasions. My inaccurate sound level meter app in my phone peaks the audio at 105 dba. The earplugs lower the level substantially, but unlike the inexpensive foam plugs I have used for years does not alter the tonal quality.

As we turn more south after passing Cuba, the seas drop to about 2 feet. We are expected to arrive in Cozumel about 7:30 AM.

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