December 05, 2021

Dec 3, 2021 Back Home

Running at full speed thru the night we arrive in Port Canaveral just before noon. There is a new procedure in place for Royal that they have been testing for several months and have now decided is going to be standard practice.  Historically they ask everyone to evacuate their cabins as soon as possible, and gather in a public space awaiting customs clearance and disembarkation.

Now passengers are asked to wait in cabins, and when disembarkation time arrives, go directly to the gangway, this works much more smoothly for the passengers, but does eat into the time the crew has to prepare cabins for the next cruise. This turnaround is going to be extremely tough on the crew. The next cruise will be leaving late.

We disembark about 12:30 and are quickly thru customs, to the parking lot, and on our way home. With facial recognition, passengers don't even need to show passports. A process that historically could take hours, now take mere seconds. Some parts of our government do work.

As we are looking forward to disembarkation, we are informed by the captain that the evacuated passenger is stable in the hospital. He reiterates that it was NOT covid related in any way.

A few days to do the laundry and I will be on the Mariner of The Seas December 9th.

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