December 14, 2021

Day 5 - A Day At Sea

The sun rises to a mostly overcast day. Temperatures are about 75, the same as the sea.  There were a few showers during the night, and more are expected as the day progresses. Very typical Caribbean weather.

Cruising at over 20 knots and with a 25 mph wind almost directly on our bow the decks are very windy. Unless clipped, towels blow off chairs, paper napkins easily escape peoples grip. It is impossible to walk around the bow of the ship on deck 5 and 6.

Everytime someone opens the door to the pool deck a hurricane of wind blows through the open dining areas on deck 11 including Chops and  the Windjammer Definitely a windy day.  

Despite the breeze and the accompanying 6 foot seas the ship is very stable. No roll and very little pitch.

I'm hooked on the french toast for breakfast in Chops. I order it again today. Still no V8, they have none on board. Yesterday they loaded about 20 cases of canned goods aboard while we were in Cozumel. I was hopeful. Something important, but not V8.

during the day I finish the last piece of fruit from my basket. All the same fruit is available in the Windjammer, but it is just more convenient when it is in your cabin. I continue listening to the book I started nearly two weeks ago. there is a chance I may finish it by cruise end.

This afternoon I have reservations for the ice show. Every available seat is booked, probably 90% of the passengers that made reservations actually attend. I guess average for a free show.

The skaters are, as usual, excellent. The circus theme, under the big top, is well done. One skater takes a nasty fall and slams hard into the wall. She quickly recovers and continues skating, to relief of all. I'm sure more was bruised than her pride.

I pack late afternoon. Having checked the weather at home my evening clothes will suffice for the short drive home. A last stop at the Schooner Bar, and a seat in the back of the theater for the farewell show. Neither is very busy. For most passengers this trip has come to an end. A lucky few dozen will be staying on for the next trip.

Much more of a party crowd than I am accustomed to on Royal, but as I have said many a time. Any day at sea is a good day providing your not having to work.

There are very few suitcase out in the hall as I return to my cabin. Mine is still where I placed it 4 hours prior. Another indiction that most passengers will carry off thier luggage.

We should be in Port Canaveral by about 6:30 AM.

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