February 13, 2020

Feb 10 - Back to Port Everglades

The ship docks long before sunrise. By 7:30 the chip is cleared by customs and border patrol. A little later than the planned 7:00 AM clearance, but not as late as it could be. I gather with other Pinnacle passengers in the Schooner Bar. A few minutes late at 8:00 AM we are led off the ship. Quick and easy with no delays. Within 15 minutes I am sitting on the shuttle to the parking lot.

The long drive home begins. Just as I enter the entrance ramp for the expressway, the check tire warning light comes on. No place here to address it.  Within about 10 minutes it resets itself. Three weeks of sitting in the colder weather is probably the cause.

Despite two stops, I am home by 1:00. By 4:00 when I leave for train club meeting, all the laundry is finished and ready for another trip. The refridgerator is replenished with milk and fruit, and I am ready to return to life on land for 6 weeks until my next cruise.

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