November 10, 2019

Nov 8 - A Sea Day

During the night there are several rainstorms. The ship has some motion, but to be honest, after being here for over three weeks it is no longer noticed.

The lectures on sea days are interesting, and provide a break from the ongoing trivia and other games. I mentioned one on animal intelligence the other day. With veterans day coming up, a very appropriate one was about the importance of naval campaigns in the Caribbean during World II. Something you seldom hear about.

Today's talk was about the evolution of pets. Obviously dogs are man's first choice. 

Not surprising, having seen them in Yellowstone, and observing tourist behavior, bison are not tamed for pets, and in fact kill more people than any other cause in all the national parks.

Throughout the day the temperatures remain in the high 70's or low 80's. Occasionally the sun peeks through for a time, but we escape any of the predicted  rain. 

I wouldn't call it heavy traffic, but we see more and more ships following the same heading we are on. Ships headed to the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.

One of the headliner entertainers that was to board the ship yesterday was unable to make it, leaving Steve short on entertainment. A scramble to rearrange the schedule, and a quick call to Miami, and another entertainer is found that will board the ship in Colon, perform his show, and leave the ship the next morning in Cartegena.

The Compass, the daily program of activities, is all printed for our day in the canal when the ship receives word of a schedule change for the locks.  The compass needs to be reprinted. 

With our first locks scheduled for 7:00 am I set my alarm before I retire.

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