November 13, 2019

Dec 11 - Cartagena, Columbia

There is some motion to the ship as we cruise to Cartagena, Columbia. I am not aware of it unless I pay close attention.

The area at the end of the pier is one of the nicest I have ever encountered. In addition to the usual shops and restaurants there is a small zoo or sanctuary area where there are many monkeys, peacocks, parrots, flamingos, anteaters, etc.

I spend about an hour. The merchandise looks to be fairly priced, but of course I don't purchase anything.

Back on the ship I find the Solarium neary empty and spend nearly 2 hours in the pool. Too deep to walk, but swimming is easy in the salt water.

Getting back on the ship, security insisted on x-raying my shoes. Now I will concede that I could conceal over a pound of emeralds, diamonds, or drugs in my left shoe. Having passed through security checkpoints hundreds of times in the past seven years of cruising, this was another first. Security really wasn't busy, so it was easy for them, and no other passengers were held up.

It is mostly cloudy, and at the docks the temperature is about 80. In the city it is much warmer.

The ships officers lead a recognition ceremony for veterans of all countries. A few words of thanks, a moment of silence, and the playing of taps. Every veteran is given a certificate. Very well done and appreciated by all. Many of the passengers in the Diamond lounge are veterans, and many experiences are shared. Even two of the ladies are 20 year veterans.

The comedian headliner is decent, and his language clean, unlike many comedians. It was either catch his show or eat dinner. I chose the show, I have been eating too much anyway.

I sign up for internet for the last several days of the voyage. Starting on my next cruise it will be free, well free if you don't count the cost of a hundred cruises to be rewarded with the perk.

Today only two passengers are missing at all aboard time. Hopefully they really are onboard. I had that happen to me once, and even when I called, they didn't believe me. I don't know how as my card was scanned and my picture displayed on the screen when I boarded. Sometimes technology just doesn't work.

Tomorrow is a sea day.

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