October 23, 2019

Oct 21 - Punterenas, Costa Rica

The local authorities have contacted the ship and moved our arrival time up by an hour to better coincide with the tide.

As we arrive two tugs are standing by to help us into the pier if needed. Apparently the tidal currents are very strong near the pier, and it was the strong currents that prompted the change in arrival.

We are secured to the pier without incident.  Many buses back down the long pier to be loaded with excursion passengers. Yes they backed about a third of a mile as the pier is only about 25 feet wide, no room to turn around. Semi trucks with provisions for the ship have the same issue, drive on, back off.

The skies are overcast and it drizzles rain on and off during most of the day. The sun peeks thru, almost dries the decks, and then it sprinkles again. Repeat, repeat, and keep repeating. By dinner time, as most passengers have returned to the ship, the rain ceases.

One passenger returned with minor unjuries. While zip lining he became stuck between towers. The bearings froze and would not turn. The solution, send another rider to crash into him and push him along. Now there were two stuck riders dangling above the  jungle canopy. Somehow they changed carriers mid air.

Some of the shore excursions offered here are the same as offered from the Caribbean side of the country. Makes sense once you think about it. All said, I stay on the ship.

Cell service here is the best since Miami, a strong signal and as fast a connection as I need.  The staff says the internet on the ship is working, many passengers report otherwise.  I haven't tried it yet.

A good day to possibly watch a movie, and listen to a book. Yes listen, as listening is easier than reading hardcopies or ebooks.

During the night there remains a slight pitch and roll to the ship. As always a good night sleep awaits.

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