October 04, 2019

Home for the weekend

As is usually the case I am awake before the alarm goes off at 7:00. Just as I leave the cabin at 7:30, the announcement is made that my luggage tag number has been called an I can proceed to the gangway.

A few minute wait for an elevator and I arrive at the departure point. My sea pass card is scanned for the last time and I start the walk to the great hall to retrieve my luggae and be checked thru customs. I have done this dozens and dozens of times.

I was totally unprepared. As we enter the luggage room there is a bank of cameras that captures each departing passenger's image. Facial recognition software compares the image of the passenger with passport information and if approved, we are sent on our way to get our luggage. No lines! No waiting! Maybe a 15 second process. I grab my suitcase and walk to the awaiting shuttle bus.

From my cabin to my car is less than 30 minutes. Historically I have often spent 2 or 3 hours just getting past CBP. 

In am quickly on the road and arrive home at 9:30, probably the earliest I have ever been home after a cruise.

Some obligations over the weekend and then it will be back to The Mariner Of The Seas on Monday October 7th. Same port, same ship, same itinerary, different cabin and mostly different passengers.

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