October 09, 2019

Coco Cay Oct 8

We arrive in Coco Cay to beautiful skies and bright sunshine. The weather gods are nicer to us than the weather forecast.

Many passengers enjoy the day on the island. Nearly every passenger gives good reports of Coco Cay. Personally I stayed on the ship.

A relaxing day for me. The aches in my body from the fall are getting better. I expect in a few days to be back to normal, whatever normal is. The plastic wrap is making it possibe to use my phone so I am able to write these posts.

As we did last week we share the pier with the Navigator.

Rumors about the future of Coco Cay are rampant. Two of my favorites are the construction of a bridge to the next island which is used by Norwegian. The other is construction of a resort hotel on the island which would allow passengers to arrive by ship, stay a week at the resort, and depart by cruise ship. I doubt either makes economic sense.

The weather remained perfect until after our departure. By nightfall as we speed to Nassau at about 5 knots, lightning could be seen in the sky behind us.

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