February 14, 2019

Feb 11, Turnaround at Port Everglades

I awake long before my alarm clock is set to go off. We have been instructed to meet at 9:15 for processing as back to back passengers. We need to get our new sea pass cards, and be checked by CBP, usually just a cursory review of our passports.

By 7:40 all the self assist passengers are gone, and they begin calling luggage tag numbers. The process is quick this morning. Before 8:45 all tag numbers have been called.

Processing of the 143 back to back guests begins, we are given our new sea pass cards. Once all other passengers have cleared the ship we head to the terminal at about 9:20. A short wait on the second floor and an agent comes to check our passports. We pass by one at a time and I am back on the ship by 9:45

Early the sun was shining, by the time I'm back aboard it begins to rain. There are over 100 pallets of provisions on the pier waiting to be loaded. The produce is gettng an extra wash.

The ship is almost erie. There are no lights, no music, no sounds. I head to my cabin. The only light in the Centrum comes from the outside windows. The shops are all dark, there is barely enough light to see the stairs. I know that the closed door that says "do not enter" does not apply to back to back guests.We can have access to our cabins at any time.  I'm headed to get my keyboard and computer. The hallway is dark except for a few lights. There is no power in any of the cabins. interior cabinis are especially dark. After carrying a flashlight for many years in case I need to find my way, I finally do and use it. 

All power to the ship was shut off so the emergency generators could be tested, the elevators were still functional, as are emergency lighting, and the black water sewage system. All other electrical loads were turned off.

I head to the Vortex lounge to return a few phone calls. The piano is being tuned, not a conducive background noise for phone calls. I move to the Concierge Lounge. By the time any new passengers begin to board electrical power has been turned on, the rain has stopped and the clouds begin to break up.

A special lunch is being provided for the back to back guests. A little load off the Windjammer, and a special touch that costs Royal nothing. The braised beef portion was triple the size of what was served for dinner a week ago, I ccouldn't begin to eat all of it.

JJ has moved from the Diamond lounge to the Concierge lounge this week. Mario has returned from vacation to head up the Diamond Lounge. Carly has returned from vacation to resume her duties as Cruise Director. All staff I know from previous years.

I have the same table this week, but new wait staff. The table behind me that was so quiet last week is now filled with a group of loud party people.

Two of the  headliner acts from last week are held over for shows this week. The comedian, not one of my  favorites anyway, is pretty dull.

We will spend the night and the next two days at sea on our way to six different islands. As I retire the seas are less than 6 feet, and the ship has negligible motion.


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