October 02, 2018

October 1, Returning Home

Disembarkation is scheduled to begin shortly after 8:00. I am in the first group after those that carry all their own luggage. My group, #2, is called about 8:30. After snaking back and forth through the dining room, I exit the ship, find my luggage and proceed to the customs agent. Once outside I call the parking lot for my pickup shuttle, only to discover it is parked right in front of me, but is almost indistinguishable from all the other white vans waiting for passengers. No congestion like in Miami after the last trip. By 9:15, with my car retrieved, I am headed to I-4 for my drive home.

Again the skies are clear and sunny. Initially the traffic is heavy, but once past the I-75 interchange the speeds pick up and I am able to drive at the speed limit.  I never finished an audio book I started so I listen to it on the way home. Maybe before the loan expires.

I am in my house by 10:30, turn on the water and the AC then proceed to immediately unpack the suitcases. Every thing, whether clean or worn heads to the pile to be washed. Things like Q-Tips and razors are replenished, ready for the next trip. Errands are next on the list. Pick up a new supply of 2$ bills at the bank, food at the grocery store, prescriptions at the drug store, signed and approved forms to allow repair to some landscaping. My mail won't be delivered until late in the afternoon, sorting of that will be a Tuesday task.

Home for three weeks and then off to Barcelona. Three weeks to spoil my new grand daughter just a little.

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