September 20, 2018

Day 3 at Sea

Seas remain calm throughout the night. Running at just 10 knots the vibrations are much reduced from when we were cruising at 20 knots plus.

We pass thru a few storms during the night, and the forecast for the day is mostly sunny skies with a chance of showers. Temperatures are in the low 80's.

In midafternoon we encounter two heavy storms, forcing all outside decks to be cleared and secured.  While the storms were intense, they were relatively small and had no effect on the calm seas. Within 30 minutes many passengers returned to perfecting their sunburns. 

Quite appropriately one of the movies being played in the Cinema is Overboard. A theater room dedicated to showing 3 or 4 movies each day is another feature lost on newer vessels. All day there is the usual mix of entertainment choices including trivia, knockoffs of TV game shows, and of course a favorite of Royal, belly flop contests.

After a short stay in the concierge lounge I have delicious lasagna for dinner, yes in the Windjammer.

The theater is mostly empty for the main production show with the ships singers and dancers. Others are smarter than I am. I retreat to the relative quiet of the concierge lounge for the rest of the evening.

By bed time, 9:30, there is a gentle roll to the ship. Surprisingly with no complaints from the guests. It is often common to hear guests complain about the rocking of the ship when we are still moored to a dock and there isn't any motion at all.

It is almost like a reunion this cruise with many passengers I know from previous passages, some going back to my first days on the Monarch. I also meet a couple that lives in my community in Clermont, not that any of us spend much time there.

Tomorrow morning we arrive for a day in Cozumel.

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