September 24, 2018

A Calm Day At Sea

The seas remain flat, our speed constant at about 15 knots. There are a few clouds that provide a break in the sunshine with temperatures in the mid 80's. Being on deck 8 this week, there is no engine noise. The same can not be said for some of the 400 kids on the ship, some of which are still running all over the ship screaming and yelling at midnight.

As we pass the western tip of Cuba a flock of seagulls fly along side the ship for hours. They don't attempt to land but just fly alongside at exactly the same speed as the ship. Maybe our presence gives them confidence for their flight, wherever it is taking them.

This class of ships is one of the few that actually has a dedicated movie theater.  With limited seating, and not easily adaptable to other uses, its only function is showing movies several times a day. A few days ago one of the movies was "Overboard". Today I enjoyed "Adrift". Both very appropriate showings for cruise ship passengers.  A few years ago Titanic was a favorite.

The lounge was barely full last night, the number of loyalty customers being much lower than last trip. I heard only 14 pinnacle guests, 8 still here from the last trip.

I don't know exactly why, but having everyone set their clocks back an hour has not gone without a few hitches. A number of times listed in the Compass would be accurate if we hadn't changed time. Most of the public ship clocks, but not all, reflect the change, and the time displayed on the navigation channel is off by an hour. I'll just blame it on a new captain, a new cruise director, and a ship that hasn't been to Grand Cayman recently. I trust my old technology wind up pocket watch.

The seas remain calm as I retire for the night at 10:30, or 9:30, depending on the clock.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, is a tender port and we will remain in a fixed position several miles off shore for the day after our arrival at 7:00 local time.

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