August 20, 2018

Sunday August 19, A Day at Sea

Today is a sea day. I slept like a rock, probably a little longer than usual, because of my short night the day before. 

The Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle is the first activity of the day. About 50 passengers attend, but most impressively nearly every ship's officer.  I meet our captain. A little bit of a surprise for me. Very young for a captain, I would say about 40 at the most. Shoulder length hair, which is a little unusual. No visible tattoos like many with a sea background. Excellent english, with a very friendly and outgoing personality. Born, raised and educated in the US. And most surprising, wearing heels? Yes our captain is Kate McCue  one of the youngest captains in the cruise industry and the only US born female captain. She has been a captain for Celebrity for several years, and boarded the Equinox this week after returning from time off.

Our hotel director is also a lady, Jill Anderson from the UK. Is Celebrity  headed towards having a fully female staffed ship?

The weather today is perfect. Clear sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 80's, a relief from what we have had in Florida recently, and seas with only one or two foot waves.

The Captain Circles party is held in the Sky Lounge. The usual free drinks and recognition of the top cruisers. Music for dancing,  but no sales pitches which are often the case.

The dinner menu is mostly fish or seafood, so I return to my usual habit of dinner in the Ocean View Cafe. the selections are varied, and there is plenty of seating.

Tonight's show is the singers and dancers. I really should say acrobats as they are more acrobats than dancers. The audience is not disappointed in the show.

No late night activities for me, I'm in bed early. Tomorrow we arrive at our first port, San Juan at about 3:30 PM.

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