December 07, 2017

Day 13 – At Sea

The seas remain at about 10 feet throughout the night. This morning the skies are cloudy and threat of rain is imminent. The 35 mph easterly wind is blowing on the port side of the bow. Temperatures are in the high 70's. The same conditions with some showers are predicted to prevail until we reach St John's, Antigua tomorrow. The ship is rocking enough that only the drunk passengers walk in a straight line.

I head outside on deck 5 for a walk. The wind is brisk, and there are several other passengers on the deck. As I approach the forward third of the ship spray from the waves is blown over the deck. The once dry deck, and the dry me, are now soaked. I'll dry.

Two passengers were injured in the gym this morning when they fell off treadmills, possibly initiated by a roll of the ship. One passenger didn't have the presence of mind to let go of the handrails and was scraped up pretty badly by the belt moving under her until Glenn, another passenger turned the treadmill off.

The other passenger was taken to the medical facility by wheelchair, her status unknown.

Neither passenger was properly using the equipment, what can I say.

The Concierge Lounge is not crowded again tonight. I have no explanation as to why other than it is a different group of passengers. The top Tier party is scheduled for this evening instead of being in the morning as it was last trip. I will pass on the production show of singers and dancers as I had seen it last week.

The seas remain the same throughout the day and are expected to remain the same throughout the night. Just fine with me, as I actually prefer the ship to exhibit some motion. Of course there are some passengers that are disturbed by the slightest movement.

Tomorrow's forecast for Antigua is for mostly cloudy skies. Our arrival is anticipated for 7:00 am with clearance for disembarkation by 8:00.

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