October 15, 2017

Day 15 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Our transit during the night was uneventful. The seas were calm enough that the ship didn't exhibit any pitch, roll, or moaning and groaning.

We arrive early, again. I think the captain is anxious to start his vacation. We are joined in Halifax by the Oceanic cruise lines Insignia. A small upscale (read more expensive) ship that carries about 600 passengers.

The sun peaks out from behind the clouds and the temperatures are warmer than they have been the last several days, probably in the 60's. We have nothing on the ship that tells us the current weather conditions other than sunrise and sunset and occasionally the wind.

To be nice to other passengers, and to facilitate curing my head cold, I elect to stay on board and mostly remain in my cabin today. I purchase some internet time and catch up on posting the last several days to the blog. With most passengers on shore, the connection speeds are almost tolerable. I sort through emails, nearly all of which go directly to the trash bin. I don't need new tires this week or really care that the pool back home has been closed and then reopened.

TCM has several decent old movies that I watch. Not exactly a reason to go on a cruise ship, but some entertainment, without commercials to pass the time during the day. The usual activities like trivia, karaoke, coloring, and dance music don't start until most passengers are back on the ship late in the afternoon.

Despite the warmer temperatures, the pools remain empty with the lifeguards standing at their station just in case.

I have no appetite, normal when one is fighting a cold. I settle for a little pasta, tasted like wall paper paste, and a dish of chocolate ice cream. Shortly after we depart it begins to rain and the wind has picked up to 35 Knots directly on the bow. The seas are expected to be 10 to 12 feet tonight, I'm sure enough to rock the ship as the captain warned everyone to use the hand railings at all times.

Last week my special "gift" was four RC beach towels. I quickly realized there would be no way to get them all in my suitcase especially if I was given four more on each of the next two legs. Usually the system takes weeks to update information, but I changed my preference to Sprite Zero. It worked! No more towels this week, instead 7 cans of Sprite Zero. I expect the same when we leave Bayonne for Galveston.

I give up on the HVAC and call maintenance. The cabin has been on the cold side today. Despite turning the controls to maximum heat it continues to blow cold air. Miraculously about 20 minutes after I call, there is some heat. Of course the maintenance man shows up 20 minutes after that.

Tomorrow we are in Saint John, New Brunswick. Because of the shape of the harbor, the tides here approach 50 feet. I'm not sure that "tide" is technically correct, as what happens is that the water sloshes into the uniquely shaped harbor. I chose a tour here because it incorporates a train ride. For kicks I look up the reviews of the tour I am taking on line, and many people say don't do it, it is the worst tour in Saint John.

If I don't feel better by morning I may just skip it. No point in going if I feel miserable, and if still coughing I refuse to spend time with other passengers. Time will tell, I will let you know tomorrow.

We are scheduled to arrive about 11:00 for another tender port.

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