June 01, 2016

Hubbard Glacier

We are scheduled to arrive at Hubbard Glacier at about 2:00 PM, but we arrive hours before then. The weather is absolutely perfect. Sunny skies without a cloud in the sky. The Guide tells us this is the best day for viewing the glacier he has seen in 10 years. Even if he is exaggerating, there is no questioning the weather is perfect.

The captain slowly maneuvers the ship close to the glacier face and rotates the ship in a complete circle four times so everyone can get a good view. The glacier cooperates by calving numerous times. Usually the Captain is lucky to make two turns before having to depart.

The crew launches a small boat and corrals a chunk of glacier ice to bring back on board. It will probably be several days before it melts completely.

We eventually leave the glacier behind and head for our next port of call, Juneau, Alaska.

The concierge lounge is busy, but not overcrowded as it often is. There are a number of passengers that have been on the ship since it came out of dry dock several weeks ago. No different than other ships, there are passengers that almost live here.

Nothing major was changed during dry dock. New carpet, some technology updates, and maintenance items not apparent to passengers. One update was new bearings in the generators. Someone goofed and installed one bearing backwards resulting in quite a vibration in the ship. Technicians are now on board and it is expected to be corrected in a few days. Can't even blame foreign workers as the dry dock was completed in Portland, Oregon.

This is my first time on the Radiance. I have been on one of her sister ships, but must confess I don't remember the details. She is quite modern with lots of chrome and glass. With over 2000 passengers she seems quite busy after having spent many months on the much smaller Amsterdam.

I have dinner in the Windjammer Buffet, and retire before 9 PM.

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