March 14, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 69

Day 69 In port at Singapore. At sunrise the temperature is already above 80. It is partly cloudy. I decide to forgo either a rain coat or an umbrella for today's tour. This turns out to be the right decision.

My "Singapore Highlights" tour takes me past several areas that I had seen last night. A stop at the Orchid Garden is pretty and fragrant but the three "H's", hills, humidity and heat makes the tour excruciating. It is actually more humid here than it is in the inner city or harbor area.

We visit several ethnic neighborhoods including the Arab section, Chinatown, and a neighborhood occupied mostly by expatriates from India. We also make a quick photo stop at the Raffles Hotel, reported originator of the very popular Singapore Sling drink.

Singapore is very modern, and very clean. The architecture is very modern, especially compared to Hong Kong. Most of the world knows that chewing gum is banned in Singapore. According to our tour guide this is because when the mass transit system was started up, pieces of gum would be stuck on the edges of the sliding doors preventing the trains from starting. After an unsuccessful campaign asking people to dispose of their gum properly, sales were banned and anyone caught spitting out gum is subject to arrest and fines. Private use of chewing of gum is permitted.

We return to the ship about an hour and a half late. The pier next to us is now occupied by an Oceania cruise ship. I decide to remain on the ship for the rest of the day. I again have a tour in the morning.

For the nerds and mathematicians in my audience – Happy Pi day!

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